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Выкройки кукол my doll

Basic boy dollHere are a lot of cloth dolls and stuffed toys.
I show you my knowledge and technique about making.
You will learn by yourself how to make a doll or plush.
You can get printable patterns of most dolls.
Though my explanation may be poor,
numerous pictures will help you to understand the process.
Tutorial and instructions are written by Runo.    
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выкройки кукол my doll src="http://dollmaker.nunodoll.com/plushie/plush.jpg" alt="Stuffed toys">

How to make dolls

Basic girl dollBasic doll 80cm.
For beginners who are enthusiastic about doll-making.
Life size baby dollBaby doll 60cm.
Life-sized baby doll in ready-made clothes.
Japanese doll in kimonoKimono doll 48cm.
Beautiful kimono and various accessories.
Patience required.
Tall boy dollTall boy 80cm.
Long lashes and long legs.
MascotMini doll 10cm.
You can make variations.
Nekomimi dollNekomimi doll 40cm.
Girl doll with cat ears and cat tail.

Christmas dolls

Santa Claus dollSanta Claus 31cm.
He can stand with big legs. Fairly easy.
Slim Santa ClausSlim Santa 45cm.
Real old man face.
The reference for veterans.

Stuffed toys

Towel catTerry cat
Kitty of towel.
Easy making.
Fennec foxFennec
Rather difficult.
Wild and sharp body.

ElephantElephant of felt. Small but stout.

Anime Dolls (Only instruction)


  • Boy Dolls --- handmade cloth doll gallery
    Boy Dolls
  • Life size Dolls babies, toddlers, girls, men.
  • Mermaid Fantasy mermaid and merman dolls.
  • Guest Dolls --- pics of visitors' handmade dolls.
    There are lots of lovely wonderful dolls.
    I hope you write a comment about other's picture.
  • Site map --- http://dolls.nunodoll.com/sitemap.html
  • Sewing --- Hat, cap, bag, sweatshirt.
  • Hanty handmade underwear for ladies.
  • Cute Underwear Making for men.
  • Nuno Life (blog) --- Blog.
  • Japanese links --- ぬいぐるみ 布人形


  • 1 centimeter (1cm) = 10 millimeters (10mm) = 0.39 inches.
  • About materials.
  • When using scissors or other implements, be careful.
    I am not responsible for any injury you may incur.
  • I never send or sell any pattern nor instruction.
    You get only patterns which I've already provided on the web.
  • E-mail, FAQ, privacy policy, and "question & answer board".
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    Doll making dollmaker  http://dollmaker.nunodoll.com/

Copyright © 2014 Runo. All rights reserved.

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